Something to always think about post

Posted on 2011-06-10 by jwage

My friend Nicholas Holland (@nicholasholland), passed this gem on to me while I was working with him at CentreSource. He heard it at a conference and shared it with me. I liked it and learned quite a bit from it so I wanted to share it as well!


guy was traveling
had a terrible trip
went to 5 star hotel
got to his room at midnight
called roomservice, polite/professional guy answers
he asks for Milkshake
guys apologizes says they don’t have it
then recommends a bowl of ice cream
the traveler says sure, and asks for a large glass of milk
the guy says, no problem
then the traveler asks for an extra glass and a tall spoon, the guy says sure
20 min later
tray arrives with bowl of ice cream, glass of milk, empty glass, and tall spoon


the guy had everything he needed, including the desire to make the traveler happy, to make the milkshake but he couldn’t get past his own systems / limitations to actually make it… because the system didn’t have a ‘milkshake’ button, he couldn’t get it done
thus, the traveler was less than happy - even though the guy had everything he needed to make the guy happy